Micro/nanofluidic electrokinetic energy conversions

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讲座题目Micro/nanofluidic electrokinetic energy conversions

讲座人:谢彦博 教授,西北工业大学

讲座时间:2019 年 12月25日(周三) 下午 15:00



   谢彦博教授,2006年毕业于西北工业大学理学院应用物理系材料物理专业,获得学士学位。于2006年至2009年在北京大学物理学院,重粒子物理研究所攻读硕士学位。2009年9月在荷兰特文特大学(University of Twente)MESA+纳米研究所(MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology)攻读博士学位。2013年9月获得博士学位,并于当年获得国家优秀自费留学生奖学金。2015年入选国家引进高层次青年人才项目。发表论文中包括Nature Communications, Nano Energy, Analytical Chemistry, Lab on a Chip等本领域TOP期刊,曾多次在国际会议上做口头报告和邀请报告。目前从事微流控芯片,新能源,界面物理与化学以及微纳米流体理论和应用方面的研究。


The classical electrokinetic energy conversion mechanism relies on a single stage conversion by forcing liquid through a channel with charged walls. When the net charges inside the electrical double layer (EDL) are transported by water flow, the produced electrical energy can be harvested via connection of electrodes at two ends of a channel. Different from the classical electrokinetic energy conversions, we developed “ballistic energy conversion” by using high speed charged micro-droplets. With the acceleration-deceleration stage of water, it enables to convert kinetic energy of micro-droplets to electricity, with maximal efficiency to nearly 50% and recently to 80%, which proved our theoretical predictions. Self-excited energy conversion system was invented that only requires water, micropore and pressure to gain electricity.

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